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Choosing Alternative News Sources During Your Travels

News has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Have you ever thought what a life without newspapers, news channels or any other media would be? No news, no city updates and no global updates. Well! I know you can’t think about it and not even I. News channels and newspaper are the most dominating media sectors for news. The information we get from these two sources is considered authentic and reliable. As we are getting more advanced and technically sound we need an easy method to access everything even the news. For the convenience and availability of news at all times some alternative news media are developed. These alternative news sources are different from the mainstream but giving a tough competition to them. So, why not explore them and know about information alternative for news sources.


Radio is one of the finest and most informative news media. This is a source, which keeps you updated about the country as well nwo information alternative news in an interesting manner. You will find this source highly authentic and entertaining as well. All kinds of news items whether politics, scientific or entertaining i.e. movies etc. can be listened to on it. You will find many channels on a radio some of which are designated for the political and global news only. As per your choice, you can select the channel you want to listen. You can listen to it while sitting in a garden, driving a car or while relaxing on your bed.

Internet and Mobile Application.

You all are familiar with this revolutionizing technology that has changed the life of people universally. This is the one-stop destination for the new generation. For finding a simple meaning to building an aircraft all information are available on it. Why not look for the news here then? You can find out any news item here. You can watch live news, read articles and participate in debates. It is a lot more than the traditional news sources. People nowadays have lesser time to read a newspaper or watch the news on TV. Through this alternative source, you can watch any news at any time on the go like at BeyondtheHaze.com/alternative-news. You can select any place, any country or any special segment of news you want to watch. In few simple clicks, everything will be in front of you.

The mobile application is an advanced version of Internet for watching the news. They provide you all the facilities you can find on the Internet with additional features. You can set up your mobile for notification update and you will get a short headline for every new on real time basis. This is the most preferred and the highest used way of accessing off the cuff news by the youngsters.


Weekly and Monthly magazines are also a good source of news. Such magazines have a collection of all the major news and current affairs. Hence, you can subscribe them on the weekly or monthly basis and can get all the information at one place.

The current generation or the youngsters prefer the Internet and mobile applications most to other sources. These sources are not only convenient but also save paper.

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